Company's strategy

DaVinci Real Estates creates new quality in the real estate agency and management market in Krakow. The interdisciplinary character of our work requires constant development. Our goal is to achieve positive results by adjusting our services individually to the needs of our customers so as to give them full satisfaction. Not only do we lay emphasis on the quality of our work but we also offer the customers of DaVinci Real Estates the highest level of services available in the real estate market in Krakow and the surrounding areas.

Comprehensive services

Our company offers comprehensive and efficient service in the range of purchase, sales, rental and letting agency of real estates. Furthermore, our customers can take advantage of the following services:

  • Real estate management and administration. We hold the professional licence of a real estate administrator. Our team is involved in the administration and management of individual residential and commercial premises as well as large and small tenant associations and historical buildings.
  • Full legal service in cooperation with a reputable legal company.
  • Consulting in the range of credit service in cooperation with a renown consulting company based in Krakow.
  • Overhauls and interior design.
  • Valuation of real estates.
  • Geodetic services.
  • Architectural services (designing houses, interior design and landscape architecture).

Our team

To the staff of DaVinci Real Estates Agency belong young, efficient professionals eagerly involved in working towards the success of our customers. Our goal is to provide highest quality service for the Customers of our company, so everyone in our team has a licence of a real estate agent or is in the course of obtaining a professional licence.

We are more than real estate market professionals with perfect substantial expertise. Our team can be described as a group of talented sales people who can successfully finalise even the most complicated and demanding transactions in the real estate market.

The owners of the company, Rafał and Robert, are both the graduates of Krakow’s universities with extensive and long-term experience gained in the local real estate market. Their substantive knowledge is supported with education in the field obtained at best Krakow’s universities and with professional licences in real estate agency and management.

They have successfully closed sales transactions of different real estate types, such as flats, apartments, construction plots for private housing, houses. They also have very extensive experience in serving investors in transactions connected with such estates as tenement houses, plots and commercial facilities as well as other types of niche estates which are rarely on offer in the market.

Real estates are our passion!